Security Ratings Explained
Security Ratings

Hafren Security Ratings

Security Level 1

Entry Level
Fasteners offer protection from vandalism and opportunistic crime. Drivers can be purchased by the general public.

Security Level 2

Enhanced Security
Fasteners are less Common and less Recognizable. Driver Tooling is non-standard and Harder for the general public to buy.

Security Level 3

Medium Security
Rarer (less well-known) products. Supply of driver tooling is controlled, less readily available to buy, enhancing the security of the assembly.

Security Level 4

High Security
Either 1-way permanent fixing, or rare Hafren patented high security products requiring specialist tooling to remove (only available from Hafren approved distributors).

Security Level 5

Maximum Security
Highest security available. Products are either 1-way permanent fixings, or require bespoke exclusive, custom made driver tools to remove.

Galvanised Saddle Bolt

Product Details

Galvanised saddle bolt

Stocked in M8X40 galvanised finish for use with D section palisade fencing.
Generally used in conjunction with M8 Galvanised shear nuts.

Security Rating Explained

Diameter Length Material Finish Part No. Small Box Qty
M8 40mm Steel Galvanised SB0840-G 100


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