Security Ratings Explained
Security Ratings

Hafren Security Ratings

Security Level 1

Entry Level
Fasteners offer protection from vandalism and opportunistic crime. Drivers can be purchased by the general public.

Security Level 2

Enhanced Security
Fasteners are less Common and less Recognizable. Driver Tooling is non-standard and Harder for the general public to buy.

Security Level 3

Medium Security
Rarer (less well-known) products. Supply of driver tooling is controlled, less readily available to buy, enhancing the security of the assembly.

Security Level 4

High Security
Either 1-way permanent fixing, or rare Hafren patented high security products requiring specialist tooling to remove (only available from Hafren approved distributors).

Security Level 5

Maximum Security
Highest security available. Products are either 1-way permanent fixings, or require bespoke exclusive, custom made driver tools to remove.

Flange Head Stainless Steel System Zero® Machine Screw

Product Details

High torque security screws with incorporated flange head design for enhanced load distribution

System Zero® is a Level 3 'Medium Security' fastener, with the ability to be installed and removed using the matching driver tool. The unique head design, in combination with the driver, gives a high torque transmission which in turn generates high clamp loads.

The innovative external non-slip drive head features indentations that have been crafted to ensure optimal grip when used with the matching security tooling, facilitating seamless high torque fastening and removal.

?The incorporated flange design efficiently spreads the load when attaching plastic components, enhancing stability and durability.

  • Full range of Self Tapping and Metric Machine Screws
  • Stocked in A2 Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated Steel


Security Rating Explained

Diameter Length Material Driver Size Part No. Small Box Qty
M3 6mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ3 SZM0306-S 100
M4 6mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ4 SZM0406-S 100
M4 12mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ4 SZM0412-S 100
M4 20mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ4 SZM0420-S 100
M5 12mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ5 SZM0512-S 100
M4 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ4 SZM0425-S 100
M5 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ5 SZM0525-S 100
M5 20mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ5 SZM0520-S 100
M6 10mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ6 SZM0610-S 100
M6 16mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ6 SZM0616-S 100
M6 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ6 SZM0625-S 100
M6 40mm A2 Stainless Steel SZ6 SZM0640-S 100


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