Security Ratings Explained
Security Ratings

Hafren Security Ratings

Security Level 1

Entry Level
Fasteners offer protection from vandalism and opportunistic crime. Drivers can be purchased by the general public.

Security Level 2

Enhanced Security
Fasteners are less Common and less Recognizable. Driver Tooling is non-standard and Harder for the general public to buy.

Security Level 3

Medium Security
Rarer (less well-known) products. Supply of driver tooling is controlled, less readily available to buy, enhancing the security of the assembly.

Security Level 4

High Security
Either 1-way permanent fixing, or rare Hafren patented high security products requiring specialist tooling to remove (only available from Hafren approved distributors).

Security Level 5

Maximum Security
Highest security available. Products are either 1-way permanent fixings, or require bespoke exclusive, custom made driver tools to remove.

Button Head A2 Stainless Steel Shear Bolt

Product Details

Button Head A2 Stainless Steel Shear Bolt

The Shear System is a high security permanent fastener.

Both the Shear Bolt and Shear Nut have a hexagon part which shears off at a predetermined torque. Installed using standard hex socket or spanner. Once installed, the Shear Bolt leaves a tamper resistant head.

  • Shear Bolts can also be manufactured to order in most common materials and finishes

Click to view technical data (Dimensions & Shear Torque levels).



Security Rating Explained

Size Length Material Part No. Small Box Qty
M6 16mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0616-S 50
M6 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0625-S 50
M6 40mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0640-S 50
M6 50mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0650-S 50
M8 16mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0816-S 50
M8 20mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0820-S 50
M8 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0825-S 50
M8 30mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0830-S 50
M8 40mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0840-S 50
M8 60mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0860-S 50
M8 80mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH0880-S 50
M10 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH1025-S 50
M10 50mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH1050-S 50
M12 25mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH1225-S 50
M12 60mm A2 Stainless Steel SBBH1260-S 50


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