Security Ratings Explained
Security Ratings

Hafren Security Ratings

Security Level 1

Entry Level
Fasteners offer protection from vandalism and opportunistic crime. Drivers can be purchased by the general public.

Security Level 2

Enhanced Security
Fasteners are less Common and less Recognizable. Driver Tooling is non-standard and Harder for the general public to buy.

Security Level 3

Medium Security
Rarer (less well-known) products. Supply of driver tooling is controlled, less readily available to buy, enhancing the security of the assembly.

Security Level 4

High Security
Either 1-way permanent fixing, or rare Hafren patented high security products requiring specialist tooling to remove (only available from Hafren approved distributors).

Security Level 5

Maximum Security
Highest security available. Products are either 1-way permanent fixings, or require bespoke exclusive, custom made driver tools to remove.

It's Finally landed, the New Edition 11 In-stock Product Guide

Have you got your copy?

Our New, Bigger than ever edition 11 In-stock Product Guide is finally here...

Packed with the widest range of security fasteners products and services to help users and distributors in stamping out the impact of theft… Both the print and digital versions provide a great deal of information, with integrated QR codes that can be used to access clear product installation videos on YouTube for our entire range. The new product catalogue shows in pictures some of the varied industries and applications that security fasteners are deployed in. With the added value of integrated QR codes showing installation videos. Simply scanning the QR code with a smartphone or tablet will take the user to Hafren’s YouTube channel to view our range of product installation videos.

Edition 11 has been a long time in the making with TeamOrange adding lots of additional features to make your life easier…
  • Big scene images highlighting common places you and your customers will need to use security fasteners
  • Technical drawings for each product showing you the key information like head diameters and heights
  • Material specifications have been added in
  • Plating and coating thicknesses and salt spray hours are now included
  • Improved imagery with big hero shots showing how the products work with the matching driver tool
  • QR codes linking you to a ‘how to install’ video of each product
  • NEW products added in like Power6™
  • LOTS of new sizes now stocked
  • the list goes on…


Or email us, or call us +44 (0)1686 621 300 to request a copy...

Competition time… To help celebrate our New In-stock Product Guide, we are giving our distributors the chance to win some awesome Hafren Goodie Bags... & what's more, for every entry we get we will send out a tube of yummy Hafren Oaty biscuits…
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