Hafren Security Fasteners Anniversary

23 years of stamping out the impact of theft globally

Hafren Security Fastener’s 23rd Anniversary.

Today is a special day (13th June) marks the 23rd anniversary of Hafren Security Fasteners.
Hafren Fasteners started with a bold idea; to stamp out the impact of theft… our method… Security Fasteners. Over the years Hafren has grown from a small family run business based in Newtown, Wales into a global leader in security fastener market, with an ever-expanding range of anti-tamper fixings and fasteners and a growing team of passionate people helping us in working towards our mission.

With every fastener we sell we know we are doing our bit to frustrate, dissuade and generally “Stamp out the impact of theft globally”, stopping the would-be thief/vandal from stealing, or damaging someone’s property…

We’d like to thank all our wonderful distributors for joining us on our exciting journey over the years and for everything you have done to help make Hafren Security Fasteners a fantastic company now and for the decades to come.


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