Ben Cooper

  • Position: Business Development Director
  • Department: Sales

A professional goal: To never miss an opportunity to execute our vision and values including Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Passion and Respect. To offer the highest levels of quality in business development and to be ‘Hands-on’ with‘Hands-off’ every time.

An interesting/useful fact about fasteners: We have supplied various security bolts for the famous Tower of London to safeguard some sensitive equipment…They loved the one’s where the ‘head’ shears off! This modus operandi has of course been successfully tried and tested there in the past!!

Favourite Motto or Quote: “Never, ever, ever, ever… give up” – Winston Churchill – Oct 29, 1941.

Favourite Security Fastener and Why: The patented Kinmar® Removable Security Drive Nuts and Bolts – Because of the cost effective benefits along with offering a high torque control and outstanding anti-tamper resistance…

A seriously CracKin-Marvellous product!