New 5-Lobe Pin A4-70 Stainless Steel Screws

‘Give me 5’ (lobes) for improved tamper-resistance

Looking for a high torque fastener, with improved security? Then check out our new 5-Lobe pin range! In response to increasing demand for a mid-level, high torque fastener we are adding a range of 5-Lobe Pin security fasteners. The range will include countersunk and button head, self tappers and metric machine screws; all stocked in A4-70 stainless steel.

The 5-Lobe Pins security drive offers an improved tamper resistance compared to the more commonly available 6-Lobe Pin drive; as the tooling is more specialised and as a result harder for members of the general public to get hold of.

The range is also stocked as standard in A4-70 grade stainless steel. This is a high tensile strength steel with excellent corrosion resistance, making it perfect for both internal, external applications and even marine environments.

It’s uses extends to a wide range of possibilities; here are just a couple of examples;

5-Lobe Pin application Kayak

Kayak grab handles

In the event of a rescue you can be confident that the handles remain; safe, secure and untampered with; due to the 5-Lobe Pin security fasteners used. The corrosion resistance of A4-70 stainless steel is another factor that makes 5-Lobe Pin Security screws perfect for this type of application.

5-Lobe Pin Safety Signage

Safety Signage

Where signage may be a target for theft/vandalism. The below picture shows a ‘danger keep clear’ warning sign, which if removed could lead to a serious incident and a preventable injury claim.

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