25th Anniversary

Hafren Security Fasteners Brand Revolution!

Hafren Brand Revolution

“Our clients have been asking for years for better quality and more versatile packaging and have asked why don’t you give it a touch of your awesome orange branding? So here it is,” says managing director, Matthew Lynes. “What better way than to celebrate 25 years of stamping out the impact of theft globally than to launch new packaging to suit our client’s requests. It is our present to you!”

Hafren Fasteners have great reputation for providing high-quality security fastener products throughout the construction industry and wanted our packaging to reflect the quality of the products inside the box.

“After doing our homework, we came up with a design which we feel meets the requirements of the market. Our customers wanted something with a higher visual impact that would gain the attention of their customers and the new Hafren branded box undoubtedly delivers! Our new packaging conveys to anyone who uses our products, that they are going to perform at a very high level.” said marketing manager, Ryan Crawley.

As a wholesaler of security fasteners, Hafren Fasteners are clear in our position to support frontline ‘distribution partners’. Hafren will never seek out direct end user business and this is at the heart of our brand ethics/route to market; we prefer to partner with proactive, forward thinking distributors who ‘get’ the value proposition and want to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market.

As an approved distributor of Hafren, you are setting a shining ‘bright orange’ example to the marketplace - and we expect the Hafren brand values will resonate with distributors willing to invest to ensure sustainable, above average growth and profitability. The Hafren brand strongly supports the distribution chain and our marketing model makes it quick and easy to buy and sell Hafren Security Fasteners.

Hafren distributors benefit from a wealth of support packages. These include readily available Hafren product handbooks, demonstration/sales packs and brochures, marketing support, an ecommerce website and now a product that is packaged to stand out amongst the competition…

100% recycled and 100% recyclable, our new packaging fits in perfectly with our ISO 14001:2015 environmental standards. New easy to read labels will come with these new boxes which will have another benefit for many customers - barcodes for all stock products. A laminated finish makes the boxes tougher and resistant to the odd shower when on site. Multiple ways of opening and closing the box is a nice feature for the user making it super flexible and more practical when switching between high volume and low volume usage and another great feature is the fact that every different box size we do has a common dimension so that all boxes will package nicely together and help to reduce extra packaging when shipping to site and reduce the overall size of the external box.

True to Hafren style, these new boxes are printed to stand out and be seen! Every box features the recently launch Hafren Security Rating system and an explanation on 1-way fasteners and 2-way fasteners. There is also a number of different Hafren products featured on the box that some clients may never have seen or even know exist? Sales manager, Tony Armstrong, says, “these boxes are a great tool for our distributors and all end users. Seeing the security rating system and other products will help educate clients with what innovations are available for them and it offers a great upsell and cross-sell opportunity showing the solutions.”

This high-impact packaging design gives continuity and ease-of-recognition across the Hafren Security Fastener brand. Without a doubt helping to improve shelf appearances.

Hafren is a strong reliable brand that has been embraced by the market; is renowned for quality; reliability and world class customer service - a reputation we have worked hard to achieve. That is the Hafren brand promise enjoyed by all our distributors!

Hafren Security Fasteners are available through approved distributors throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. Contact us on 01686 621 300 to find a distributor near you.