COVID-19 UPDATE (Coronavirus) Part 2


As the Coronavirus global health emergency continues to develop, our thoughts are with those affected and their families. We trust the collective actions of the World’s leaders and World Health Organisation (WHO) are able to contain and neutralise the threat quickly, so this virus doesn’t spread any further.

  • No known stock issues for main product lines - our stocks are great - 98% available for shipment today
  • Stable supply chain -we don't purchase anything from the worst hit regions with production / shipping issues such as China
  • Premium & special delivery - our freight partners are also doing everything they can to support us and get our deliveries through to you despite the challenges. In many cases we are only as good as the freight company we work with… that’s why we’ve chosen the multi-award winning company DPD

We are monitoring and taking advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Public Health England (PHE) and the National Health Service (NHS). We'll update you with any further changes as required.

We know that having parts available from stock is of all importance to our clients so next week we'll be opening our new bulk warehouse which has more than 3 times the capacity of our current warehouse... watch this space!

COVID-19 UPDATE (Coronavirus) Part 3

We are aware there is now a global shortage of face masks and whilst Hafren exist to stamp out the impact of theft globally we can actually help you with stamping out Coronavirus as well...

We do have our very own Hafren branded orange Buff scarves in stock and ready to send. What's more, we won't charge you for one... just place an order over £500 and quote COV-19 and we'll send one to you.
[only whilst stocks last and one per client]

COVID-19 UPDATE (Coronavirus) Part 4

PLEASE NOTE - these are not a medically approved face mask, but they will keep you warm! #teamorange


COVID-19 UPDATE (Coronavirus) Part 5


Our management team made the decision yesterday to suspend all overseas travel for the foreseeable future to protect our workforce and our clients. Video calls can be set up as an excellent way to meet, discuss requirements and even deliver product training... speak to the team now or email


If you have any concerns about supply, please feel free to call our expert sales team on 01686 621 300.