Brexit preperation

Brexit: we may be out of the European Union, but Hafren Security Fasteners are committed to ensuring minimal impact to our customers as a result of Brexit and is closely monitoring government progress as we move towards a new relationship with our European friends.

Brexit does not need to be chaotic. We'll continue to serve you and together we can “Stamp Out the Impact of Theft Globally.”

Brexit prep part 2

For now, key areas of contingency planning are as follows:

Brexit prep part 3

Sources of Supply/Supply Chain Stability

We maintain relationships with a number of suppliers in the UK, Europe and around the world. This delivers enormous reach and flexibility in terms of maintaining supply chain stability. It also offers us alternative product sources in the event of any supply issues.

Brexit prep part 4

Stock Control/Continuity of Supply

Planning and information are key and we encourage all of our customers to talk to us about higher volume/process critical products for which continuity of supply is of paramount importance. We have also recently invested in additional warehousing (effectively increasing our stock holding by 3x).

Brexit prep part 5

Movement of Product

Hafren Fasteners has extensive in-house expertise for both import and export given that we currently source or supply product to and from Europe and the rest of the world. This includes expertise and relationships in areas such as freight forwarding and regulatory affairs. In addition, we maintain multiple UK/Pan-European relationships with carriers which helps to maximise our ability to maintain product movements.

Brexit prep part 6

Communication and Relationships

We encourage communication from both our customers and suppliers to ensure a joined up approach as the impact of Brexit becomes clearer.

On a final point, Hafren Fasteners is founded upon the principle of flexibility in serving our customers. In simple terms this means that adjustments to our systems, working practices or delivery mechanisms can be delivered quickly to ensure best possible solutions for our customers.

Whatever the future holds, we believe that Hafren Fasteners are currently as prepared as possible to ensure continuity of supply, ongoing value for money and excellent customer service.

We welcome further communication from our customers and suppliers alike. Please send any comments or enquiries to