Matthew Lynes Managing Director

Matthew Lynes

  • Position: Managing Director
  • Department: Management

A professional goal:As a director of Hafren Fasteners, my goal is to drive our excellent team forward, to develop and execute strategy and to oversee the operations of the company.

With the ever-increasing demand for security fasteners, it is my role to ensure we are continually innovating, launching new products, keeping high stocks available to our customers and maintaining our industry leading customer service. As a forward thinking company, we are always looking to build on and improve our strong brand and corporate identity.

I have a passion for helping others and providing solutions… here at Hafren we have the ability to help you to keep your products and property safe and where it belongs.

Don’t risk it… secure it.

An interesting/useful fact about fasteners: Early screws were all handmade - no two screws were the same… that doesn’t happen at Hafren with our excellent quality control measures and ISO certification.

Motto/favourite quote:If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”

Favourite Security Fastener & Why: Kinmar® Removable - it is our most versatile fastener available from stock as a nut and bolt and the Hafren logo is derived from its shape!